Runners’ Recipe: Bitter Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites

Feed Zone Portables is geared toward runners and cyclists.

Try this tasty snack to fuel up during your next run.

Runners: Do you ever have problems with what to eat during your long sessions on the road or trail?

Pre-made sports nutrition products like bars and gels are easy to carry but can leave you feeling bloated and searching for the nearest restroom. If you can’t drink enough water to properly digest those types of foods, your body is unable to fully process the carbohydrates in them. Ultra runners are especially susceptible to GI distress because their workouts and races are much longer.

Dr. Allen Lim and professional chef Biju Thomas have teamed up to write two cookbooks geared toward endurance athletes: The Feed Zone Cookbook, which has 150 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Feed Zone Portables, which offers recipes for use while running and cycling.

On your next run, try bringing some Bitter Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites, featured in Feed Zone Portables, along. With 101 calories and 64 percent water per serving, they are a perfect fuel source to keep you going.

Bitter Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites

– 1 cup uncooked sticky rice
– 1/2 cup uncooked rolled oats
– 2 cups water
– 1 tablespoon brown sugar
– 2 tablespoons bittersweet
– chocolate (chips or shaved)
– 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
– dash of sea salt
– Top with 2 tablespoons shaved bittersweet chocolate and ½ teaspoon sea salt

How To Make Them
– Combine oats, rice, and water with a dash of salt in a rice cooker and cook. Let cool to the touch.
– In a medium bowl, combine the cooked rice and oats with the remaining ingredients.
– Stir to incorporate the flavor throughout the sticky mixture.
– Press into an airtight storage container or shape as individual bites. Sprinkle with chocolate and salt (be careful not to add too much salt).
– Place sticky bites onto a sheet of plastic wrap. Cut the wrap into rectangles, then fold the wrap over and twist the ends shut, like a hard candy wrapper.

Tip: Oats do not contain gluten, but they are often processed in plants where wheat products are made.

Per Serving: Energy 101 cal, Fat 1g, Sodium 197mg, Carbs 20g, Fiber 1g, Protein 2g, Water 64%

Reprinted from the new cookbook Feed Zone Portables with permission of VeloPress. Find Feed Zone Portables in your local bookstore, bike shop and online. Learn more at

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