Ask Mario: What Should I Wear When It’s Hot Outside?

Technical running shirts keep harmful UV rays out and sweat off your skin. Photo:


Hi Mario,

It’s been so warm this summer I can’t stand to even wear a wicking short-sleeve T-shirt when I head out to run, so I usually end up running in just my sports bra. Is this a good idea?



Hey Liz,

When the mercury rises, the tendency is to think that less is more in regards to running apparel. The reality is you’ll want to cover yourself up as much as possible to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Tans are nice, but skin cancer is not. When shopping for new running clothes, read the labels. Look for lightweight, tightly woven, moisture-wicking shirts and hats that have built-in UPF sun protection. (Sports bras, racer back tops and even old white cotton T-shirts have a very low UPF protection factor.) Get a good pair of performance sunglasses to protect your eyes and cover any exposed skin with sweat-resistant sport sunscreen, such as when you head out in just your sports bra. Lastly, make sure you’re wearing non-cotton, moisture-wicking socks, which will help reduce friction inside your shoes and keep your feet dry when they start to sweat.

Stay safe in the sun!


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