Sole Man: Where Do You Buy Your Shoes?

Mall Running Shops

What it’s all about: I will be careful here because there are a lot of great running stores that happen to be located in some kind of mall. For example, Eugene Running Company and Fit2Run comes to mind. In this context, the idea of a “mall” running shop is really more of a “chain” running store concept, but there are great chains, too, and/or groups of shops branded under the same name. My point is that the kind of shop I’m referring to in this reference is the store that sells running shoes, but also sells basketball shoes, flip flops, stylish urban shoes and a wide range of cotton T-shirts in a small store within a mall.

Often next to a cell phone store, a gaming store or a Victoria’s Secret shop. The typical sales person is 24-ish and doesn’t know a thing about running, but there are often big screen TVs playing skateboard videos or at least cool music playing in the background. Sometimes, apparently, referees from local high school basketball games show up and work there before or after a game.

Why You Shop There
Well, it could be that you hang around in malls quite a bit, which, apparently, most Americans do. But it could mean you don’t have a local specialty run shop nearby. (And that would be sad for you.) Or it could be that you’re 16, just got your driver’s license and you wandered in to buy a pair of Vans and walked out with a pair of high-mileage trainers and a ball cap with the logo of your favorite NFL team. (And that’s cool, too, because the NFL is into running.)

Anyway, the referee guy is there to help, but he probably can’t tell you anything about plantar flexion and thinks negative splits might have something to do with why he lost so much money playing black jack in Vegas.

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