Sole Man: Where Do You Buy Your Shoes?

Factory Outlet Stores

What It’s All About
The prices are usually very good at these kinds of stores, but sometimes you’re buying factory “seconds” or colors that didn’t move at retail. Just as when you visit a garage sale, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for or you’ve just gotta get lucky. Depending on the store, you might find great details on socks, hats, apparel and other high-quality accessories, too. Every once in a blue moon, I stop by the Pearl Izumi and Nike stores at the Silverthorne factory outlet stores in Colorado, and come up with bags full of stuff I don’t really need or want for about thirty bucks. Not that I need more running gear or have to pay for it, but I guess you can never have too many pair of good running socks right? And who can resist a pair of soft, cozy terry cloth wristbands?

Why You Shop There
Because you’re a cheap-ass bargain hunter and can’t understand how running shoes with more minimal designs and materials can cost as much or more as the overbuilt shoes built just a few years ago. And, apparently, you’re willing to run in overbuilt shoes from a few years ago that have been dumped at the factory store after not selling at any of the aforementioned stores.

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