3 Tips For Strategizing Your First Marathon


There is no key workout, secret training plan, or magical coaching philosophy and style that will ever make up for a lack of consistency in training. Running consistently and following a training plan will make more of a difference in performance than even the specifics of the daily training. If you’re committing to the marathon, you’re not just committing to the race, but to the many months of day-in, day-out training. At times it will be very hard to get through, and at times it will seem too easy to skip a workout, sleep in or convince yourself you’re too tired and need a day off. Stick with the plan and be consistent.

What is the best way to be consistent? Get out the door! As simple as it sounds, too many athletes focus on the enormity of the run, or the workout, and feel defeated before they even begin. Athletes can feel like the 14-mile run is just too far, and they are too tired, never bothering to even get out the door to try. When this happens, athletes will most certainly fail, and lose any opportunity to surprise themselves with their fitness — as well as kill the consistency in their training.

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Focus on getting out the door. Whether it’s in the early a.m. hours and you just want to push snooze, or you’ve come home from a long day at work, feeling like it’s just too much to train. Quit thinking about the distance, and focus on getting on your clothes and out the door as soon as possible. The common mistake of delaying getting out the door often allows athletes to talk themselves out of a workout. In the words of Joseph Addison, “He who hesitates is lost.” Get out the door as soon as possible!

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