John McEnroe To ‘Coach’ NYC Marathoners

John McEnroe will bring his on-court temper to the NYC Marathon in November. Photo:

The tennis legend will guide five men during their 26.2-mile journey through New York City in November.

Five men will earn the distinction of hearing tennis great John McEnroe grill them during the ING New York City Marathon in November.

As part of a marketing campaign with Dove Men + Care deodorant, McEnroe will coach five runners during the race to help keep them motivated. The winners will be selected through a nationwide contest.

McEnroe is not a marathon runner or a coach, but he has been part of some marathon tennis matches that lasted more than six hours. McEnroe is also known for his wild outbursts on the court, lashing out at officials when he disagreed with certain calls.

“There’s ‘don’t stop,’” McEnroe told USA Today. “I have some compassion for some of the pain that they’re going to be in. I’ve been involved in some matches on a tennis court that have gone in excess of six hours. Your body starts to do some crazy things and your mind starts playing tricks on you. I’m going to be supportive and this is great for me and I can be at the finish line and support these five guys and see how much pain they’re actually in and decide whether I want to do this myself.”

McEnroe won seven Grand Slam titles during his career.

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