Judge Tosses Backward Running Ticket

Alex Mesa can keep up his unique regime as long as he stays in bike lanes.

Some hopeful news for those of you who like to run backward when you are working out.

UPI is reporting that a Florida judge has dismissed a ticket that was issued to a man for jogging in the wrong direction. He also told the man, Alex Mesa, that he can continue the practice as long as he stays in bike lanes.

Mesa, a Miami Beach resident, was issued a $77.50 ticket in April by police for obstructing traffic.

Mesa maintains that going backward puts less stress and strain on his body. He says he has feared keeping up the practice since he received the ticket.

“Every time I went jogging, it felt like I was going to buy drugs, like I was sneaking out and doing something wrong and that was an uncomfortable feeling, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me because I know very well I came very far to get to where I’m at,” Mesa said.

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