JUST RUN Youth Program Sets Records

Younger runners continue to push new boundaries.

Most running news focuses on adult competitions, but something that shouldn’t be overlooked is the movement going on with today’s youth in the sport.

According to Running USA, JUST RUN, the award-winning youth fitness program of the Big Sur International Marathon has just wrapped up a banner year for youth participation and total mileage.

Over 11,000 students too part in the in-school and after-school programs across 107 participating schools throughout the United States.

Taking all these runners into account, 322,594 miles were logged. A total of 17 classes were awarded the “Running Across The USA” distinction, which entailed achieving a group goal of 3,204 miles or higher.

“We’re extremely pleased with the growth of this vital running and fitness program,” said JUST RUN program director, Susan Love.  “We’ve been gaining traction during our eight years of implementation and saw a boost in our satellite program participation throughout the US.  We now have dozens of schools in Albany, New York, Miami Lakes, Florida and Lake County, Ohio as part of the program.”

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