Meet The New ‘Smart Sock’ For Runners


It warns you of excessive heel or forefoot strike.

The Guardian has an interesting bit about a new piece of technology for runners. It’s called the “Sensora Smart Sock Fitness Trainer,” made by a company called Heapsylon.

So what do these things do, anyway?

The socks have textile sensors placed under each foot. Apparently, they will measure how the foot strikes the ground, thereby issuing a warning to runners about excessive heelstrike or forefoot placement.

Heapsylon is trying to raise $87,000 to produce the socks. As a bonus, the socks will ship with a Bluetooth-enabled magnetic anklet, which will enable tech savvy runners to download an App for their smartphone that will help them analyze their runs.

“When you go home you won’t just look at pretty charts; you’ll be able to analyze in detail what you have done well, for how long and what action you can take to get to the next level,” says the company via its Indigogo fundraising site.

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