Out For A Run, Police Officer Catches Burglar

The officer was out for a 5-mile run when he saw something suspicious.

Sometimes the person you want running by your house is an off-duty police officer.

WWLP.com is reporting that Daniel Quigley of the Springfield, Mass. Police Department happened to be out for a run when he saw a man trying to break into a house in that city’s East Forest Park neighborhood.

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Officer Quigley was doing a 5-mile run around the neighborhood that he patrols. He spotted suspect Jesse Sands in the bushes. Upon further investigation, he noticed that the 25-year-old Sands was trying to cut a hole in a window screen using a knife.

Quigley backed away and called on-duty police, but while doing so, was noticed by Sands who then tried to flee the scene.

Even though he had already logged a few miles, Quigley was able to run down Sands and apprehend him.

Sands was booked on charges of attempted breaking and entering and possession of burglary tools.

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