Running 101: How To Find Your Favorite Running Route

There are many useful online resources available to runners.

Your favorite running route is your favorite for good reason; it probably has a nice view, a few grueling hills and a water fountain when you need it. Every once in a while, however, it’s nice to switch it up for a change in scenery, but finding a new running route is usually easier said than done. Use these resources to help you find a new route that hopefully doesn’t have you stopping every 20 feet for a red light or onto the most crowded tourist paths in the city.

Google Maps

On Google Maps, click on the bike icon and set your to and from destinations. The route will give you suggested routes that avoid steep hills and will indicate which paths do not allow motor vehicles, have bike lanes or are safe for cyclists to use—which are often also safe for runners.

On the gmap-pedometer, which also uses Google Maps, simply zoom into your destination and start recording. The moving cursor will follow the roads automatically, or you have the option to blaze your own trail.

Map My Run

Click on “Runs” and then “Search Runs.” You can search through running routes by city or zip code that other runners have run and mapped out. Select a route and up pops a map and elevation chart. Some routes also include tags of public restrooms and water fountains and reviews of the route.

USA Track & Field

Search using city, zip code, starting point, facility location and route ratings. Choose a route to bring up route details of distance, rating, reviews and a map.

Walk Jog Run

Select your city and preferred route distance and the site finds routes close to that distance in your selected city. Click on a yellow diamond for route map and elevation chart

Favorite Run

Select your city or zip code and select from several routes in your area. Click on a green marker on the map to get route specs.

Caution: It is always a good idea to check for construction or other variables that might differ from your mapped route. Also, when setting out on a new route, let someone know when and where you are going–just to be safe.

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