Tips To Combat Post-Marathon Depression

Many runners suffer from the blues after their big race.

The Denver Post’s Kyle Wagner has penned a helpful article about dealing with the post-marathon blues.

Marathoners undergo an incredible amount of physical and mental stress during the race and once the runner’s high has dissipated, many find themselves depressed. Martina Young, a marathoner and coach knows these blues all too well.

“I felt the blues after two races,” she says. “You’re going along, so into what just happened, and then all of a sudden, there it is. It can be so unexpected.”

Young compares the experience to going on a vacation–something that takes a lot of planning and preparation. When it’s over, it can be quite a letdown.

One thing that can help, Young says, is to mix up your racing, so if you just ran a marathon, plan on tackling a triathlon–something that will make you excited to prepare for since it requires different training.

You should also be prepared for the possibility that suffering from post-race depression can happen to you.

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