Wittenberg Reflects On NYC Marathon Cancellation

Mary Wittenberg came under fire for her decision to cancel the 2012 NYC Marathon at the last minute. Photo: www.photorun.net

The CEO of the New York Road Runners wishes she had had more information.

Businessweek recently interviewed New York Road Runners CEO Mary Wittenberg. Not surprisingly, the head of one of the largest running clubs in the world was asked about the New York City Marathon cancellation last year.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, officials decided not to go through with the annual event in November and Wittenberg as well as the City of New York came under fire for making this no-go call at the last minute.

“We did our best in an unprecedented situation,” Wittenberg admitted. “Our intention was trying to do what was best for New York and New York City. And I definitely wish we all knew a lot more. If we knew earlier in the week what we knew by the end of the week.”

Wittenberg went on to say the lack of information wasn’t necessarily about logistics, but rather what the city needed to cope with the natural disaster.

“Clearly we wish it had never gone down that path and that we had known that things were going to get worse,” she said. ” I sure wish we could replay it and know what we know now and have the foresight to say, ‘This isn’t the time. It can’t be done.’”

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