Woman Pleads Not Guilty In Boston Marathon Scam

Audea Gause returns to court in September to face charges of larceny. Photo: www.photorun.net

She received $480,000 from the One Fund.

As with every tragedy there always seems to be someone trying to the steal money that has been raised for victims. Fox News is reporting that 26-year-old Audrea Gause of Troy, N.Y. has been charged with larceny.

Gause, who was arraigned last Friday at Boston Municipal Court, allegedly tried to commit larceny when she faked medical records to claim that she was treated at Boston and New York hospitals for traumatic brain injury as a result of the terrorist bombings that took place on April 15 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

She received a check for $480,000 from the One Fund.

Officials received a tip that Ms. Gause may not have been in Boston at the time of the explosions. Additionally, the hospitals have stated that they didn’t treat her as she claimed.

According to the prosecution in the case, Gause used $377,000 of the check to buy a new house.

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