Fuel Up: What The Elites Eat

Jason Hartmann. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Jason Hartmann

Don’t be fooled by his frame that’s larger than most distance runners—this 34-year-old former professional runner knows how to manage hot conditions. He achieved his PR at the 2010 Chicago Marathon, the hottest race there in 20 years, and finished fourth at the brutally warm and humid Boston Marathon this year. Here’s how he did it:

Pre-Race Dinner

  • 3 cups of pasta and an ice cream bar
  • At 9 p.m.: granola bar and bread

Race-day breakfast

  • Three hours before the start: three plain bagels and a bottle of water
  • Ninety minutes before the start: bagel and banana

Race Fuel

  • Every 5K: alternate 4 ounces of water with Gatorade Endurance mixed with water
  • Every 10K: gel


  • Immediately after: fluids
  • A few hours after: salad, hamburger, ice cream bar, “and a lot of desserts” 

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