Your #RUNNOVATIONS Revealed: Contest Winner #1

We invited users to share their personal Runnovations, and we are selecting one winner each week whose Runnovation submission was truly great.  Sarah Grant of North Attleboro, MA, is our first winner!  Check our her Runnovation below.

That Was Then

“My first photo shows me in April 2010, pregnant and a week over my due date with my son. I gained over 70 pounds!”

This is Runnovation.

“Here I am, Sarah, finishing a 5-miler after completing a 5K just 40 minutes earlier.  I finished the 5K in 20:54 and the 5-miler in 35:45. I also had my second baby in between these two photos!”

That’s Sarah’s Runnovation!
It’s not too late to submit your Runnovation.  Submit your personal Runnovation and you could win New Balance shoes and apparel, valued at up to $500!



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