Sole Man: 12 Things We Learned About Minimalism

Skora's FIT shoe is one of several new minimalist models that will hit stores in 2014.

Minimalism Isn’t Going Away

Judging by the number of new low-profile shoes hitting the market in 2014, minimalism is here to stay. Skora’s low-to-the-ground FIT ($95;, Saucony’s slightly updated Virrata 2 lightweight trainer ($90; and Altra’s new Reptition stability shoe ($125, are good examples of next-generation zero-drop minimalism shoes. At the very least, there is a modest following of runners who have become die-hard minimalist runners in the last few years. But more than that, there is a considerable chunk of runners who have benefitted from experimenting with key elements that came out of the minimalist revolution — namely, shoes that are lower to the ground or have a lower heel-toe drop. Sure, there are those who never went down that road and some who went down that road and turned back, but overall, we’ve all benefitted. Even if cooled, the trend has served its purpose and will have a lasting influence.

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