Sole Man: 12 Things We Learned About Minimalism

Perhaps the biggest thing the minimalist revolution did was encourage runners to look at their own running form. Photo: Scott Draper

Minimalism Helped Runners Think About Their Running Mechanics

Perhaps the best thing minimalism did was allow runners to examine their own running form. While it also opened a spirited but sometimes dastardly debate about what “proper running form” should be, it at least allowed runners to realize there are some basic tenets of good running form that can help lead to great efficiency and better running economy (In other words, less energy expenditure for any given pace or distance, no matter what type of shoes you’re wearing).

Running in shoes with less of a heel-toe slope has helped many runners develop more efficient form. Whether or not most runners should make form and strength drills a part of their regular routine or if they should aspire to run in zero-drop shoes is debatable, but at least the notion that good mechanics equals improved running economy is something most runners started to ponder. And for the most part, the movement toward lighter, less structured shoes has helped send the category of motion-control shoes to its grave. At least for now.

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