10 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Fall Training

  • By Duncan Larkin
  • Published Aug. 28, 2013
If you're lacking motivation after a tough summer running season, try doing a track workout. Photo:

Keep An Eye On Your Sleep And Your Diet

Overtraining and insomnia are closely related. If you’re slumping toward the end of summer, you may be experiencing irregular patterns with your sleep cycles, which can get worse as you advance through to your fall training program. Set a designated bedtime every night. Establish a sleeping routine such as reading in bed or practicing meditation before retiring for the evening.

Hartmann says another thing to look at is your nutrition and hydration. If your region has been especially hot for weeks, it’s possible you haven’t been optimally hydrated for weeks. Poor diet choices and the timing of your meals may only magnify your slump. Plan your meals as carefully as your workouts and be ever mindful of your hydration levels.

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Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin is the news editor at and a freelance journalist who’s been covering the sport of running for over five years. He’s run 2:32 in the marathon and won the Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race in 2007. His first running book, RUN SIMPLE, was released last July.

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