10 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Fall Training

Remember Why You’re A Runner

Bob Hodge, a former 2:10 marathoner who finished third at the 1979 Boston Marathon, shares a great story about finding a happy place to run when you are mentally and physically exhausted at the end of summer.

“The best thing would be easy runs on the beach or in the forest,” he says. “Maybe just go for a hike in the mountains. It seems like when most people are struggling with fatigue [not actual injury], they need to back off the intensity, go back to the roots and remember why they love to run.”

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Hodge recalls a story in New Zealander Murray Halberg’s book, “Clean Pair of Heels,” in which Halberg writes about how he and Bill Baillie and Gordon Pirie were in South Africa for a series of races many years ago. “While Pirie continued to run intervals on the track day after day, Halberg and Baillie went out for long runs in the countryside,” Hodge says. “While Pirie became more stale, Halberg and Baillie were rejuvenating. The hard intensity, and racing especially, are like cash withdrawals from your hard-earned fitness savings.”

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