10 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Fall Training

Speed Things Up

Your late-summer slump may require a shock to the system, especially if you’ve got a long race such as a half-marathon or marathon on the horizon. Honerkamp suggests seeking out a flat 5K race or a self-conducted time trial of 2 to 4 miles in order to speed things up. Going all-out for a short period of time can definitely blow the cobwebs out and the excitement of race pace can inspire you anew. Hudson agrees.

“Go find something faster and shorter so that you are mixing up pace and not having to face all long runs,” he says. “If you are a marathoner, you still want to stick with those kinds of workouts, but it’s OK to take a down week to race.”

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Hartmann is of a similar mindset. “So many athletes chase fitness versus letting it develop at a natural pace,” he says.

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