10 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Fall Training

Analyze Your Routine And Your Environment

“Set up your schedule and keep the same schedule each week,” Honerkamp says. “This allows you to get into a nice routine and takes out all the decision-making throughout the week. I recently heard that President Obama doesn’t choose his outfits each day, because it takes away one more decision he will have to make that day. He has many big decisions to make each day, so this way he is not wasting any energy on figuring out if his tie matches his shirt.”

Honerkamp says the same goes for running. If your long run is always on Sunday, you are more likely to get it in, and consequently you are doing less deal-making with yourself during the week.

Conversely, Hartmann says it’s important to change up your routine from time to time in order to add excitement and variety into your running. That might mean running a new trail, sprinkling in some cross-training or just running a different route around your neighborhood. Running trails and getting away from the gridlock of urban or suburban life, even for a moment, can change your entire frame of mind and have long-lasting effects.

“That way your motivation increases and also, new training stimuli can catalyze improved performance,” he says. “Even changes in training environment can spark new motivation, such as running a new trail, or finding a new training partner, or trying a new workout where there is no pressure going into it.”

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