10 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Fall Training

Do An “Easy Win” Workout

Rather than challenge yourself with an impossible workout, do something you know you can complete and give your confidence a boost. “Often times marathon training entails doing longer intervals and runs,” Honerkamp says. One example of an “easy win” workout is switching the mile repeats to 200m repeats (or 30–second pickups during an easy run). If a runner is tired or in a funk, longer reps such as miles can be daunting. Doing shorter intervals will often be a lot easier to face mentally and the runner is more likely to enjoy it.

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For example, 10 x 200 meters on the track at a quick pace can be a great confidence-booster, whereas trying to churn through mile repeats under the hot sun can crush your confidence and compromise enjoyment. ”It’s fun to run fast and runners training for a marathon often don’t ever run ‘fast,’ Honerkamp says.

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