Thursday Top 5 Most Surprising Celebrity Runners


Lots of celebrities run, but you’d never guess that these five celebrities have completed a marathon before. Really! Our first celebrity runner,  comedian Will Ferrell,  ran the 2003 Boston Marathon in a respectable and serious time of 3:56. Now that’s no laughing matter.


In 1994, Oprah Winfrey and her team of personal trainers ran the Marine Corp Marathon. She finished with an impressive time of 4:29:20. Who are Oprah’s trainers and where can we find these running miracle workers?

drew carey

After losing about 100 pounds, comedian and former marine Drew Carey ran the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in 2011. He tweeted his unofficial time after the race as 1:57:02. Wait, Drew Carey was a marine?

Al roker

Remember overweight Al Roker? Now picture him running 26.2 miles. Impossible, right? After Al Roker had undergone gastric bypass surgery in 2002, he ran the New York City Marathon. His time? A very unimpressive seven hours, but at least he crossed the finish line.


Last but certainly not least, British comedian Eddie Izzard takes the prize for the most surprising celebrity runner. For a charity called Sport Relief, Izzard ran not one, but 43 marathons! And he didn’t just do them in the past few years or so, but in 51 days!

Just think about that for a moment …43 marathons in 51 days. Do you feel inadequate now? Because you should.

Izzard ran his fastest time of 5:00:30 in his 43rd marathon.

Bonus: For obsessive fans, there is an entire Pinterest page dedicated to celebrities that run. It’s a compilation of paparazzi shots catching the famous on morning jogs or running in a marathon. Isn’t it comforting to know that celebrities aren’t necessarily born with perfectly sculpted bodies? They’ve got to run like everyone else.

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