Boston 2014 Field Of Time-Qualifiers Nearly Half Full

The 2014 Boston Marathon field is filling up. Quickly. Photo:

More than 10,000 of the 22,000 slots reserved for time-qualified athletes are full through two days.

Registration for the 2014 Boston Marathon has been open for two days, and the field of time-qualified runners is nearly half full.

About 4,500 runners submitted applications on Monday, which was reserved for runners who bettered the time cut by more than 20 minutes. The second day for registration was Wednesday, and it was for runners who qualified with a time at least 10 minutes faster than the standard.

Six thousand applications were received on day 2, which brought the total to 10,500.

The number of slots for time-qualified athletes is 22,000, and the signup process continues Friday for runners who beat their qualifying time by 5 minutes or more.

If spaces are still open after this week, runners who bested their qualifying time by any amount of time can submit an application to register starting next Monday. That registration period will be open through next Friday, Sept. 20. If spots are still open after that, runners who qualified can register on a first-come, first-served basis starting Sept. 23, and that will continue until the 22,000 slots are filled.

The total field size for next year’s race will be capped at 36,000.

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