Boston Champ Bill Rodgers Talks Cars

Bill Rodgers drives a Honda Civic. Photo:

The legendary American runner would love to own a two-seater Mercedes, but he drives a Honda Civic.

One doesn’t necessarily equate runners with drivers, but the Republican-American website has done just that. It recently sat down with Boston Marathon champion (a four-time winner), Bill Rodgers, to talk about cars.

Rodgers, who has also won the New York City Marathon four times, ran the Bob Veillette 5K Road Race & Walk last weekend in Waterbury Park, Conn.

Apparently he drives a 2006 silver Honda Civic that he calls his “Coupe de Ville.”

“My car has to be tough; we marathoners beat up cars with sweat, water and food,” he admits.

Rodgers says that he’s been drawn to motorcycles and when he was 23, he owned a Triumph 650. “It was stolen about a year later,” he recalls. “I had started to work at Brigham Hospital as an escort messenger so, without wheels, I started running the two miles from my apartment to work every day.”

Rodgers says that his dream car now is a two-seater Mercedes 280.

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