Boston Police Superintendent Offers Security Advice

Two bombs detonated near the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15. Photo:

He wrote the first responder plan that was used on April 15.

Minnesota police chiefs gathered in that state’s city of Bloomington in order to listen to the recollections of Boston Police superintendent William Evans.

Evans played a key role after the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon. CBS Minnesota wrote an article about his trip to Bloomington.

Evans had written the disaster plan for his first responders, and it was this plan that was used on April 15, the day of the fateful bombings.

The key is to train as many people up,” Evans said, “whether they’re policemen, whether they’re medical, whether they’re civilians there to look for something that just doesn’t look right.”

Evans happens to be a marathoner himself and finished the race well ahead of the bombs.

He was aware that Boston could undergo an act of terrorism, but expected that it would happen earlier in the race when more people were at the finish line.

“I think that’s a lesson learned,” he said, “that you can never let down your guard.”

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