Boulder Marathon Postponed Due To Flooding

Wildfires forced the cancellation of the 2010 edition of the race.

Sunday’s Boulder Marathon has been postponed because of the massive flooding that has stricken Colorado.

Organizers have yet to announce a make-up date for the race, which includes a 5-mile event, a half-marathon and a full marathon.

Most of the course, according to Runner’s World, was not directly affected by the floodwaters. But race director Jeff Mason said that having the race at this point would be the wrong thing to do.

“I think we would all agree that the importance of a running event in the face of all this is miniscule,” Mason wrote on the event website. “And even if we were able to pull off the event next weekend (which appears to be an impossibility at this point), it would seem inappropriate given what has happened.”

The 2010 edition of the race was also postponed, that time due to wildfires. Mason said the race “was a success” when it was eventually held.

“It’s just incredible that we find ourselves in the same position again,” Mason said. “When the 2010 event ultimately happened it was a success, and a sort of celebration that paid homage to the Four Mile Fire victims. We will come up with a way to do the same with our 2013 Boulder Marathon event, when it ultimately happens.”

Eight people have died and hundeds are still unaccounted for because of the Colorado flooding.

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