12 Bucket-List Races To Run

There are 12 events spread across all corners of the globe.

USA Today’s website has a list of incredible races that runners should check out. Author Lisa Hoen of TheActiveTimes.com has written about 12 of them.

“You can run with the rhinos in a Kenyan safari park, sip iceberg-cooled waters along a marathon course in the Canadian Arctic or slip through the hidden back alleys of Florence, Italy,” she says.

At the top of the list is Reykjavik, Iceland. The marathon there takes place at the same time as Reykjavik Culture Night.

“Pair the city’s enthusiasm with a pancake-flat course and the chance to stride past stretches of the country’s uninhabited, pristine waterfront and steaming geothermal springs, and you may find yourself wishing that Reykjavik held an ultra,” writes Hoen.

The second destination happens to be far across the Atlantic from Iceland: the Patagonia International Marathon, Chile, which kicks off in September.

For More: USA Today

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