Colm O’Connell Shares His Views On Doping

David Rudisha’s coach says they are looking for an “extra edge.”

The Independent out of Ireland has posted an interesting article about the legendary coach of Kenyan runners, Brother Colm O’Connell.

According to the article, the Irish monk, who came to the East African country in the 1970s and is currently coaching the world record holder in the 800-meter event, David Rudisha, says that “mediocre” runners dope for an “extra edge” over elites.

Speaking with the Newstalk breakfast show, he had this to say about the state of the sport: “It was very unfortunate that coming up to the Olympics we had two or three elite athletes testing positive, just when maybe the sport thought we were out of the woods on doping.”

He continued: “The good thing to come out of it shows they are testing. … So if we don’t hear of someone testing positive for a long time we wonder if they’ve gone lax about testing.”

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