Ex-Drug Trafficker’s Prison Marathon

He did it on a small dirt track two years ago.

Michael Santos isn’t your typical prison inmate. BusinessInsider.com has an interesting read about the cocaine smuggler’s experience in prison as a runner.

Back in 2011, Santos completed the 26.2-mile distance with fellow inmate Gregory Reyes, a white-collar criminal. The marathon took place in 95-degree temperatures at the Federal Prison in Taft, Calif.

The most the two had run together in training was 15 miles.

“It was running around a circle for four and a half hours,” Santos said.

When he was first in prison, Santos lifted weights to pass the time, but got concerned that he would get too bulky and so he switched to running around a track. Santos’ prison marathon took him 4:35, while Reyes covered the distance in 4:12.

Now free, Santos still runs. He’s completed six marathons since then.

“I am out there just to think, and put one foot in front of the other and hit the goals,” he said.

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