Lopez Lomong Is No Longer ‘Lost’

Lopez Lomong was Team USA's flagbearer at the Opening Ceremony during the 2008 Olympics. Photo: www.photorun.net

The American runner shared his life story last week.

A 2008 Olympian and the winner of this year’s Wanamaker Mile, Lopez Lomong happens to be one of the top American middle-distance runners at the moment.

Many know about Lomong’s compelling story — about his abduction at the age 6 in Southern Sudan, his harrowing escape to Kenya, and his eventual resettling in the United States as a refugee.

Last week, Lomong recalled his journey at Northern Oklahoma College Enid.

Enid News writer Cass Rains was there and reported on the story.

“A troop of soldiers stormed our church and ordered everyone to lay down,” Lomong recalled. “My mom grabbed me so tight, with all the energy she had. So tight. One of the soldiers picked me up and lifted me off my mom. My days as a child completely ended then.”

Later in his talk, Lomong admitted that he was no longer a lost boy. “I have a family, a country to represent and a flag to represent,” he said.

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