Record Charity Haul For London Marathon

Mo Farah, who will make his marathon debut in London next year, poses with former Virgin London Marathon race director Dave Bedford. Photo: Jane Monti | Race Results Weekly

The life-to-date value raised is estimated at $1.1 billion.

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Organizers of the Virgin London Marathon announced Wednesday that runners who participated in this year’s event raised 53 million pounds ($85 million) for various charities, bringing the life-to-date charity haul for the race since 1981 to 663 million pounds ($1.1 billion). Organizers said that it was the seventh consecutive record year for charity fundraising for the race, Europe’s second largest marathon.

“We are delighted that this year’s amazing London Marathon runners have, once again, raised a record-breaking amount of money for charity,” said race director Hugh Brasher in a statement. “This impressive achievement is testament to the enthusiasm and dedication of our runners. To raise this record-breaking amount in the current economic environment, at the same time as achieving their own marathon goals, shows that London Marathon finishers are among the most committed runners in the world.”

Of the race’s 34,278 finishers, 75 percent raised money for charities, organizers said. The average amount raised by each runner was  2,535 pounds ($4,031).

The 2014 Virgin London Marathon will be held on Sunday, April 13.

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