Runner Targeted By BB-Gun Sniper

She got hit in the eye on her way home from work.

The absurdity that runners have to go through sometimes has reached newfound depths. This time, the Courier-News out of Chicago is reporting about a 37-year-old Elglin, Ill. runner who, last week, suffered a BB to the face.

The victim indicated that she likes to run home after work on Elgin’s northeast side. She was struck by the sniper at approximately 6:10 p.m. last Tuesday evening.

She said she heard a pop and then felt a sting close to her eye.

After noticing that she was bleeding from the strange injury, she had a friend take her to the Elgin police station.

Paramedics then transported her to the hospital. Surgeons there then found a pellet.

“It happened so fast,” the runner recalled. “I heard the pop and thought, ‘Oh my God, I am hit!’ ”

Thankfully, the victim can still see out of that eye.

Police have said that no evidence was collected at the scene of the attack.

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