The Secrets To Mo Farah’s Success

Run 3D has analyzed Mo Farah's changes as a runner. Photo:

A British newspaper hired biomechanics experts to study his recent changes.

The Telegraph’s science correspondent, Richard Gray, has written a compelling article about the nine elements of Mo Farah’s running technique that have helped contribute to his success as a distance runner.

Farah is a double Olympic gold medalist and, at last month’s World Championships in Athletics, he prevailed in the 5000m and 10,000m events.

Gray says that Farah radically changed his running style 12 months before the 2012 Olympics at the insistence of his coach, Alberto Salazar.

To better understand this transformation,  The Telegraph hired biomechanics experts at Run 3D to analyze Farah’s new and improved running style.

The first thing on their list was his foot strike.

“By adopting a mid-foot strike running style, the impact on the ground is reduced and the forces acting at the hip and knee joints are lower, which decreases the chances of Mo developing an injury at these joints,” said Run 3D founder Dr Jessica Leitch.

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