Fall 2013 Road Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Skechers GoRun Ride 2, $80

weights: 7.0 oz. (men’s); 6.6 oz. (women’s)

heights: 26mm (heel), 23mm (forefoot)

Fit: The GoRun Ride 2 is dialed in tight in the heel and midfoot, but the forefoot is noticeably wide with plenty of room for the forefoot to splay and flex on every stride.

Feel: Ultralight and uber-soft. Although it’s not a “barely there” minimalist model, the GoRun Ride 2 has plenty of minimalist-inspired design features and feels crazy light underfoot. But the most striking feature is its uncanny softness.

Ride: The GoRun Ride 2 is the cushiest shoe in our review and one of the cushiest our wear-testers have ever experienced. But that’s a good thing, apparently, as many testers really liked it. The pillowy softness is unique, but it can be supremely smooth once you get into a rhythm. Summed up one tester: “It’s like a cushy slipper that you can run in for hours and hours.”

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