Fall 2013 Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

ON Cloudrunner

ON Cloudrunner, $150

Category: Cushioned Cruisers

Weight: 9.5 oz. (men’s), 11 oz. (women’s)

Heights: 25mm (heel), 18mm (forefoot)

Fit: The Cloudrunner has more of a traditional road shoe fit with a narrow heel, but with the addition of some extra volume in the midfoot and toe box.

Feel: Our wear-testers labeled these as light, firm and uniquely bouncy, thanks to a soft layer of foam and an array of innovative “high-profile clouds” that protrude from the outsole. The skinny flat laces were effective in cinching up the extra volume in the midfoot to create a supportive synergy between foot and shoe.

Ride: The innovative cushioning creates a unique sensation on paved roads, but it melts away into soft cushioning on smooth trails. Our wear-testers thought it wasn’t quite as flexibility as some of the others models in the category, but it has good traction works well in road-to-trail running and is a treat for cruising on cinder paths. It has plenty of underfoot protection, but the toe box and sidewalls can leave feet vulnerable on technical terrain.


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