Fall 2013 Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 10

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 10, $125

Category: Cushioned Cruisers

Weights: 10.9 oz. (men’s), 9.4 oz. (women’s)

Heights: 30mm (heel), 19mm (forefoot)

Fit: “Dialed-in fit” was an apt description for the supremely comfortable, snug and secure fit from heel to toe.

Feel: Testers found the updated Adrenaline ASR to be supportive without being clunky. It’s well-cushioned yet responsive relative to its size. Although it still has plenty of support and protection, this version feels lighter and more agile than the previous incarnation.

Ride: The stable ride, smooth transition and protective sole helped this shoe perform well on some of the gnarliest terrain our wear-testers could find, including wet and rocky conditions with thousands of feet of elevation change. It’s not as nimble as some wear-testers would have liked, but most raved about this shoe for its long-wearing comfort on multi-hour runs and its ability to do double-duty on the pavement.

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