Fall 2013 Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Nike Wildhorse

Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse, $110

Category: Cushioned Cruisers

Weights: 9.6 oz. (men’s), 7.8 oz. (women’s)

Heights: 23mm (heel), 19mm (forefoot)

Fit: The Zoom Terra Wildhorse’s fit — narrow throughout, with just enough room in the toe box — made converts out of runners used to feeling locked down in Nike road shoes.

Feel: With a stable and secure upper and well-cushioned undercarriage, Nike’s latest offering feels a lot like a comfortable road shoe. Testers raved about “good stability and cushion without bulk and weight.” Aside from the copious amount of cushioning, there’s little trail-specific protection to keep your feet (and most notably your toes) out of harm’s way. The soft foam and lack of a rock plate means you can feel every pebble, rock or root on the trail.

Ride: With sublime smoothness from touchdown to toe-off, this shoe offers the supreme flexibility of a neutral road shoe in a lightweight, cushioned package. Most testers loved the soft, natural ride of this shoe, with the only concern being some wear and tear, evident on the outsole and upper mesh, before reaching the 100-mile mark.

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