How To Beat Marathon Muscle Cramps

How To Address The Issue

Now that we understand how form deterioration can lead to marathon cramping, how do we go about addressing the issue?

Just like you need to perform core and injury prevention work to stay healthy, it’s important you perform form-specific strengthening exercises that target the mechanics that commonly deteriorate late in a race.

For example, if you tend to suffer from calf or quad cramps late in a race, you’ll want to perform exercises, drills and stretches that focus on improving your hip extension. Not only will this reduce many of the limitations that may be preventing you from generating proper hip extension, but these exercises will help you improve your muscular endurance and ability to generate proper hip extension late in a race when you’re tired.

Adding this type of form-specific work could be just what you need to prevent those late race cramps and help you reach your potential.

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