Racing Tactics 101: Four Ways To Dominate Your Next Race

Use these easy-to-implement tactics to reach your potential on race day.

Racing well is a skill. Just as a basketball player practices shooting free throws and responding to game situations, you can become a better racer and improve your performance by brushing up on your racing tactics.

By nature, our bodies are pre-programmed to stop doing things that hurt. Put your hand on a burning stove and it won’t take long before your brain sends a signal to your arm to flinch away. The same principle applies in racing – stress the heart, lungs, and legs enough and your mind is going to try and prevent you from continuing to push hard. Therefore, it is critical that you have specific strategies in place to help you continue to push when the brain is urging you to stop.

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Over the following pages you’ll find four easy-to-implement tactics you can use to reach your potential on race day.

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