The 5 Biggest Marathoning Mistakes

by the time on the clock.

5. Placing Too Much Emphasis On Time

Aim to run your best on race day. The time on the finish line clock doesn’t define you.

“Runners can set themselves up for emotional failure by pinning their goals, dreams and marathoning aspirations on finish time,” says coach and author of “Marathoning for Mortals” Jenny Hadfield, who offers marathon training programs on “Elite runners race for the strongest performance on the day; time is only an outcome of the race performance. Unless, of course, they’re going for a world record. Mortals tend to do the opposite. They define success based on the finish time. Every marathon is a mystery and each holds a unique set of challenges. The key is to run the marathon you’re in and race for the personal win. Go in with a goal to run your best on the given day and let the clock be the outcome of that performance. Every marathon finish is a gift.”

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