The Secret Ingredient: A Shakeout Run

Learn how an early morning jog before a race will help you get going before the gun goes off.

Perhaps one of the most underrated components of a great race is priming the body to run fast by executing a proper warmup. Getting the muscles loose, the neuromuscular system firing on all cylinders, and the body prepared to run hard is critical to optimal performance. If your body is not prepared to handle the massive request for oxygen and efficient blood flow when the gun goes off, you run the risk of going into oxygen debt too early and fading late in the race.

While many runners will ritually perform a warmup consisting of easy running, light stretching, and a few strides 30-45 minutes before their race, elites have long been practicing a little-known technique known as a “shakeout run” to help get their mind and body prepared on race morning. Lucky for you, I am going to let you in on this little secret and show you how a shakeout run can boost your performance.

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