The Secret Ingredient: A Shakeout Run

When To Use Shakeout Runs

At Big Races With Thousands Of Runners
Many marathons and half-marathons these days have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of runners. Often, these races will bus you to the starting line 30-60 minutes before the race starts and then herd you into your assigned corral to stand elbow-to-elbow with your fellow competitors. This situation isn’t conducive to a proper warmup and can often mean you start the race feeling sluggish and not primed to run to your potential.

By including a shakeout run before you leave the hotel, you can at least get some blood flowing to your legs, wake up the central nervous system, and get loose and limber before you start.

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A Primer For Shorter Races Like The 5K And 10K
Generally, the shorter your race distance, the more important it is for your body to be ready to run hard from the gun. The intensity required to maintain a goal 5K pace from start to finish requires a lengthy and intense warmup. A shakeout run is another opportunity to stimulate the central nervous system and get blood flowing, which can help you reach peak intensity faster.

Try incorporating a shakeout run during your next tune-up race and experience how beneficial it can be to be fully primed and ready to go when you hit the starting line.

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