Training Is An Investment: It Builds Over Time

The training time you put in now will pay off down the road. Photo:

Growth Takes Time

I enjoy watching the Suze Orman show when I happen to catch it on TV. When I see her analyze the financial health of the viewers who call in, I am always amazed at how much money the callers have saved. It seems impossible that I could ever save that much money, let alone earn it — these people must be making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. In reality, they’re average middle income Americans, but I’m forgetting to factor in the slow, step-by-step process that brought them toward that number.

This same situation happens to runners, especially when they look at the training of elite athletes or are running their first marathon. Runners see the impressive mileage totals of elites or the best runners in their running group and think, “wow, I can never get there.” The same thinking occurs when runners train for their first marathon. Getting from week 1 to 26.2 miles on race day seems impossibly hard, so many runners either lose confidence or try to do too much, too soon.

Your takeaway: Your goals and the ability to train at a high level take time to achieve. Just like you wouldn’t expect your modest savings contribution to instantly turn into a million dollars, you have to be patient with your training. Trying to reach too far in one training segment or letting the fear of a difficult goal deter you is a recipe for disaster. Remember that gaining fitness takes time and rushing the process is detrimental to your goals.

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