Training Is An Investment: It Builds Over Time

The training time you put in now will pay off down the road. Photo:

Compounding Gains Are Your Friend

The remarkable growth of investment portfolios is largely attributed to compounding interest. The principles behind compounding interest are widely known for investments, but it’s also the same concept that allows you to train harder and faster each year and ultimately improve your performance.

Each successful training segment builds upon itself. You train to achieve a new level of fitness and once you’re able to reach this goal, you can build off that previous training and continue to reach higher in future workouts. This is especially important to remember if you didn’t run well at your goal race. Many runners think their hard work and training were wasted when things don’t come together on the course for one reason or another. The good news is that if you trained correctly, you elevated your ability to handle training and you can build off that segment, even if the initial end result wasn’t a PR.

Your takeaway: Remember that no training segment is ever wasted. Each month you can train is like putting money in the bank. It may seem like the training had no benefit when a race doesn’t go well. However, that hard-earned fitness will stay with you and allow you to build an even bigger base of training for the next race.

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