A New Take On Running: Groundless Races

Meet Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce. They host a satirical news and entertainment show called Jono and Ben at Ten that airs in New Zealand. More importantly, however, they’ve invented a new and (let’s be honest) more fun way to run in the city. In the videos below, Jono and Ben race each other in busy cities of New Zealand without touching the ground! How in the hell does that work? Watch these videos to find out!

First, Jono and Ben attempt the 200m groundless race … where did that kayak come from?

What to learn from this new take on running: 1. Make sure to do this in a highly-populated area … or you’ll get stuck, 2. Races like these only happen in friendly cities with very willing strangers, and 3. Don’t race against a poor sport who’ll push you onto the ground every chance he gets (a.k.a Jono).

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