Big Security Changes For Small Marathon

Runner and spectator safety is top priority for the Wineglass Marathon.

Most large-city American marathons have fields in the tens of thousands. Not surprisingly, these events dedicate a lot of resources to ensuring that both runners and spectators keep safe during the race.

But after the tragic Boston Marathon bombings earlier this year, where three people were killed, even smaller marathons have made changes.

One race that’s taken notice is the Wineglass Marathon in Upper State, New York.

According to the Star Gazette, this race has just 5,000 runners taking part but isn’t messing around in terms of security for this year’s edition.

“There were some changes we were making no matter what this year because of the size. Obviously after Boston we thought about it,” said marathon co-chair Sheila Sutton. “Some of the changes I can’t tell you. All the runners have to check their gear in clear plastic bags, which we provide for them. We have taken every precaution we can to insure the safety of the runners.”

For More: Star Gazette

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