Community Taking Action After Runner’s Death

A 55-year-old mother of two was stabbed while exercising two weeks ago.

Members of a Columbus, Ohio-area community are taking a stand against violence inflicted against its runners. According to a report posted on, Jane Juergens was stabbed to death while she was running along a path at neighboring Ridgewood Park.

Juergens was a 55-year-old mother of two, and had just started her own business.

Last Friday, a vigil was held in her memory at the park where she was murdered two weeks ago.

“It’s shocking it could happen here,” said 14-year-old Wyndra Bair.

Jordan T. Stewart, a 16-year-old teenager, was charged with Juergen’s death. He allegedly stabbed her 26 times with a knife.

“It’s definitely a tragedy unlike anything most of us have ever experienced in the small town of Westerville. … I have been completely devastated by this,” Juergens’ son Andy told the Columbus Dispatch“In my heart, I know she would have forgiven the individual.”

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