Local Man Prevails At Baltimore Marathon

He was the first local champion in 13 years.

Thirty-two-year-old Dave Berdan was the first person to cross the finish line at last weekend’s Baltimore Marathon. Berdan, who teaches science and coaches cross-country at Garrison Forrest School, clocked 2:30:05.

“It’s been a goal of mine for a while,”  Berdan told the Baltimore Sun about his marathon win. “It’s a good opportunity, and I’m all about hometown.”

Berdan dusted his rivals with the second-place finisher, Brian Crispell, lagging a full eight minutes behind him.

Elizabeth Perry of Pittsburgh was the first female to cross the line. Her time was 2:58:01.

“I definitely went out a little faster than I had planned, but I felt good, so I just tried to go with it for as long as I could,” Perry said. “There was a lot of support out there, and it helped me a lot.”

Perry and Berdan are U.S. citizens, making it the first time that Americans won both races in the history of the event.

For More: Baltimore Sun

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